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How to Repair PVC Using Telescopic Slip-Fix

There are a number of products that people refer to as Slip-Fix. However, Slip-Fix is a brand name of a particular repair device. We offer a couple of products that use the same idea with identical or superior performance.

Quick-Fix Telescopic Repair Couplings

A Quik-Fix coupling is simple and, of course, quick. Simply cut out section of broken pipe slightly longer than compressed Quik-Fix, apply primer and cement to fittings and expand Quik-Fix to fill the gap. Leak repaired. Because the fitting expands there is some small room for error in how big a section of pipe you remove. After all, it expands and compresses.  However, don’t cut too long, they don’t stretch. More information HERE.

Pipe-Fix Telescopic Repair Couplings

Pipe-Fix gives you more options in your repair. It is a section of replacement pipe with the fittings already in place. The female coupler is already in place on both ends.  This provides a one piece, no hunting for parts, repair. Pipe-Fix also offers the option of a straight repair or adding a Tee joint, allowing replacement of a failed Tee or installation of a new line. More information HERE.

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