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Irrigation Basics 101
Sprinkler System Design & Installation
irrigation step by step instruction

Have Questions about individual components? Please take a look at parts and Components section.
Controllers - Timer & romotes
Valves & Valve Manifolds
Sprinkler Sprays & Rotors

Backflow devices


Irrigation Pumps

PVC Pipe & PVC Fittings

Polyethelene Tubing & Polyethelene Fittings

Drip Irrigation System Design & Installation

Drip Irrigation is the most efficient way to water any non-turf area, including flowerbeds, ground cover, street medians, vegetable gardens and hanging baskets since the exact amount of water needed is delivered at or near plant root zones. Benefits include design flexibility, healthier plants and the elimination of water run-off. Click here for Drip Irrigation & Installation Guide, Illustrated Guides to Drip Irrigation, Application Specific Guides to Drip Irrigation & Complete Drip Irrigation Kits
Installation Guide Kits