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How to replace an Drip Irrigation emitter

If you notice that water is beginning to dribble out of an emitter or the water is distributed erraticaly the cause is most likely sediment clogged in the emitter. First, try to clean the emitter to dislodge any debris or sediment see cleaning an emitter.

If the emitter is still not functioning properly after attempting to clean the emitter then you will need to replace the emitter with a new one. Begin by cutting off the defective emitter. Insert a new emitter into the microtubing. Notice that the emitter fitting has a barbed end which will ensure a tight fit once attached.

It's always a great idea to keep extra drip fittings handy. You can also purchase a pre-assembled drip tool kit. The kit comes with all the necessary tools and fittings to do basic drip irrigation repairs.



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