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What is a Pump Start Relay?

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A pump start relay is an electrical device that allows your irrigation timer to communicate with the pump. This device is imperative when you are using a pump to supply water to your irrigation system. Pumps are built to use normal house currents; the relay changes the irrigation timer to normal household voltage. Pump start relays must be mounted at a minimum of 15 feet from the timer and pump to avoid electrical interferences that cause malfunctions.

When a pump is to be operated by the controller, a pump start relay must be used.

To connect the pump start relay:

  1. Route a wire pair from the pump relay into the controller housing.
  2. Connect a common wire to the terminal slot C (Common) and the remaining wire from the pump relay to the P/MV screw slot.

WARNING: Do not connect the controller directly to the pump. If this happens, the controller will be damaged.


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