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Controller Remote - Buyer's Guide

Do Any Of These Situations Apply To You?
  • You need to operate all your valves while at the Sprinkler Head.
  • You are spending time at the controller manually turning stations on and off.
  • You are managing a large golf course or commercial site with many controllers.
  • Can't justify the high cost of a central system.
  • You need to get access inside your customer's buildings to run their system.
  • You install commercial or residential irrigation systems. 
If you said yes to any of the above, a remote control would be ideal in saving you time and money!


Please note:
  • RainBird Remotes may be used only with RainBird Controllers.
  • Hunter Remotes may be used only with Hunter Controllers.
  • Universal Remotes may be used with any Controller
  • With a Remote Control Technology remote control, you can operate any irrigation system that uses 24-volt AC valves.

The TRC Commander can operate your entire sprinkler system with one Commander Transmitter. Operate up to seven stations and a Master Valve at once, program each of those zones to a time duration, auto-advance through your entire system, (9999 security codes available and easily operate up to 199 Receivers per security code.) The Sidekick FM single station remote operates 12 or 24 stations. Add Permanent Controller Connectors to your clocks to save time and for added convenience.


Sample savings in labor with a TRC Remote Control:

Does your situation match this: a two person crew with the second worker spending at least 1/10th of his time operating valves at the time clock?

Cost per week of the second worker ($10/hr-40 hr wk)   $400.00
Cost of time saved at the controller..............................$40.00
Annual Savings using a TRC Remote .................... $ 2,080.00
Cost of the Sidekick FM.......................................... $ 895.00
Cost of the Commander........................................ $ 1,395.00
Number of months before the Sidekick FM has paid for itself........5
Number of months before the Commander has paid for itself........8

Expand your capacity and profits in a tight market without hiring more employees.


  • Remote start and stop:
    Start pumps, valves and sprinklers without going back to the controller.
  • Maintenance:
    Identify improper sprinkler operation quickly. Verify proper operation after the repairs are completed.
  • Inspection:
    Speed up inspection with ease and efficiency by quickly identifying problems.
  • Breaks and leaks:
    Pinpoint cracks in the pipe by briefly turning water on at the repair site without flooding the entire area.
  • Controller installation:
    Activate zones only as long as necessary to blow out nozzle and heads.
  • Blowouts:
    Easily advance through the system verifying each zone is blown out at the end of the season. The Commander can even disable the Master Valve for you.
  • Aeration:
    Quickly identify sprinkler location before aeration, saving on repair costs.
  • Training:
    Train personnel at the repair site without running back and forth.
  • Syringing or fertilizing:
    With the Commander, you can set a time duration, turn on one or more valves, and walk away. The receiver will automatically shut off.

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