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Sprinkler Wire Problem troubleshooting chart

The fuses on the controller blow too often.

Possible Causes: Solution:
Valve solenoid is faulty. Replace the solenoid.
Wires to valves are damaged. Repair the wiring.
Timer is faulty. Replace the timer.

The timer's display is blank.

Possible Causes: Solution:
No power to the timer. Check the outlet for power.
Transformer is faulty. Replace the transformer.
Blown fuse in the timer circuit.

Repair the damaged wiring or replace the bad solenoid.

Timer is faulty. Replace the timer.

The irrigation system does not water the yard.

Possible Causes: Solution:
The timer is off or it has blown a fuse. Replace the fuse and turn on the timer.
No power at outlet. Reset the circuit breaker.
No 24-volt power from transformer to timer.

Replace the bad wiring or the transformer.

Wire to valves is damaged. Repair any damaged wiring.
Faulty transformer, timer or rain sensor. Replace any faulty components at needed.

Zone not working

Possible Causes: Solution:
Damaged zone connection. Repair the wiring.

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