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The Basic Steps Checklist


Sprinkler / Irrigation

Gather required information

  1. Check your local codes and permit requirements
  2. Draw your property
  3. Determine your soil type
  4. Determine the diameter of the water supply line
  5. Determine your water pressure and flow
  6. Sketch your landscape on grid paper

Map out your system

  1. Map out your sprinklers and emitters
  2. Create your zones
  3. Divide your system based on water rates and plant requirements
  4. Count your zones
  5. Layout the valves on your plans
  6. Draw in the pipes
  7. Draw in the location of the timer

Install your system

  1. Double check local codes and permits
  2. Mark your sprinklers, risers, valves and trenches
  3. Tap into your main water line
  4. Trench the main and lateral lines
  5. Install the irrigation system main line
  6. Build valve manifolds
  7. Install lateral pipe
  8. Flush the system to clear debris
  9. Install your sprinklers zone-by-zone
  10. Install drip irrigation risers
  11. Install your timer
  12. Connect a pump start relay (optional)
  13. Check your system operation

Drip Irrigation

Once your have installed your traditional irrigation plan
you can install your drip irrigation by following these steps:

Connect to the water

  1. Connect to the water using an outdoor faucet
  2. Connect to an irrigation system sprinkler riser
  3. Connect to an automatic irrigation valve

Distribute the water

  1. Roll out the hose
  2. Cut it to length
  3. Select the emitter locations

Water the plants

  1. Trees, flower beds and shrubs
  2. Vegetables gardens and flower beds and ground cover
  3. Roses and Shrubs
  4. Patio Containers


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