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Bucket Irrigation
Winterizing Your Irrigation System
Rain Bird - Drip Irrigation Tips
my irrigation / watering DIY centrifugal water pump
Drip Irrigation Kit - Heart Of The Garden Part I


Irrigation Design & Installation

Basic Layout & Design Of Irrigation System
This video shows the basic components of an irrigation and sprinkler system. Describes the function of each irrigation component. Watch Now

Sprinkler Sprays & Rotors

How To Replace A Broken Rotor
This video will quickly show you how to identify, replace or repair a broken rotor in you lawn irrigation system.
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Broken Rotor? Repair or Replace?
This video demonstrates how to repair or replace a broken sprinkler rotor located in your irrigaiton system.
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How To Replace A Broken Sprinkler Head
This video demonstrates how to repair or replace a broken sprinkler spray head located in your irrigation system.
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How To Raise & Fix A Leaking Spray Head
In this video, leaking spray heads are indentified and repaired. Spray heads that are to low are raised to the proper height.
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Irrigation Sensors

How Does An Irrigation Rain Sensor Work?
This short video will show where a sensor connects to your irrigation controller.
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Installing An Irrigation Rain Sensor
In depth video showing how to install an irrigation rain sensor. How to connect a rain sensor to and irrigation controller and much more. Watch Now

Drip Irrigation System Design - Installation - Repair

Repairing Drip Irrigation System Problems
Drip irrigation problems are identified and repaired with the Do-It-Yourself approach. Watch Now

Irrigation Pumps & Wells

Pumps, Wells & Relays.. Oh My!
This video will show important information needed to install and troubleshoot an irrigation system using a pump or well. Watch Now

Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems

To Split or Not To Split A Zone - That Is The Question!
In this video we will show how to split and existing irrigation zone and add additional zones. Watch Now

How To Locate and Repair Valves & Wires
We will show how to locate problem valves and wire connections using a valve and wire locator then repair problem valve or wire connection. Watch Now