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Orlando Sprinkler Repair

Craig Borglum is the only nationally certified irrigation contractor, certified irrigation designer, and certified irrigation water auditor that does all your sprinkler and irrigation repair himself in Central Florida.

Craig's knowledge and national credentials have gained him the honor as an EPA WaterSense Partner in the Central Florida area. Craig preforms sprinkler repairs in Seminole County FL., including Winter Park, Oviedo , Winter Springs, Casselberry, Sanford, Lake Mary, Longwood and Sanford.

Unfortunately, too many sprinkler businesses have a daily $1000 quota for each of their service personnel. Our company's quality service and loyal customers are based on excellent worksmanship, trained and knowledgable staff, and an established community service record, committed to teaching the consumer water-wise management.

Do SOMETHING about your sprinklers today! We are your online source for lawn sprinkler repair information. Ask the expert. Check out Craig's SPRINKLER SYSTEM BLOG, and get your lawn irrigation questions answered.



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