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Landscape Drip Irrigations

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Landscape Dripline Grid


  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No over spray damage to structures, fences, or windows
  • No run off = reduced liability in high traffic areas

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Part Number



Landscape Dripline 0.9 gph @ 12" spacing


1" Xeri Control Zone Kit

AR Valve Kit

Air Relief Valve Kit

MDCF Series

Easy Fit Compression Fittings / Adapters


Tie Down Stake


To-Do List

Time (Approx.)
Assemble Control Zone Kit and connect to water source. 1 hr
Cut lengths of Landscape Dripline to build grid in planting area. 10 min per 50 feet
Connect lengths of Landscape Dripline to Easy Fit Fittings to create grid.
Add Air Relief Valve Kit to the zone.
25 min per 50 feet
Connect Easy Fit Adapter to Easy Fit Tee for connection to Conrol Zone Kit 5 min
Staple Landscape Dripline grid in place and flush for 2 minutes. 5 min per 50 feet
Install planting material.  



Installation and Maintenance Tips

Flush the zone after installation and once a year.
Install AR Valve Kit at high point in the system.
Leave Landscape Dripline coil in the sun while preparing for installation.


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