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Landscape Drip Irrigations

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 Landscape Dripline


  • Up to 60% water savings
  • Targeted watering helps reduce erosion of wall
  • No run off = reduced liability in high traffic areas

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Part Number


LD 09 12

Landscape Dripline 0.9 gph @ 12" spacing


1" Xeri Control Zone Kit

MDCF Series

Easy Fit Compression Fittings / Adapters


Tie Down Stake


To-Do List

Time (Approx.)
Assemble Control Zone Kit and connect to water source. 1 hr
Cut lengths of Landscape Dripline to lay lateral below retaining wall. 10 min / 50'
Connect lengths of Landscape Dripline to Easy Fit Fittings and add Flush Cap to end. Connect to Control Zone Kit. 15 min / 50'
Staple Landscape Dripline grid in place and flush for 2 minutes. 2 min
Install Planting material.  


Installation and Maintenance Tips

Flush the zone after installation and once a year.
Install AR Valve Kit at high point in the system.
Leave Landscape Dripline coil in the sun while preparing for installation.


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