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Xeri-Bird 8 and XB Drip Emitters on a PVC Lateral


  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No over spray damage to structures, fences, or windows
  • Targeted watering reduces weed growth
  • Manifold design allows for increase/decrease in future plant water demands

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Part Number



Xeri-Bird 8 Outlet Manifold

XB xx

Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters


In-stem 30 psi Pressure


1/4" Distribution Tubing

TS-025 w/CAP

1/4" Tubing Stake with Bug Cap
PVC Misc
PVC Laterals, Fittings, Glue


To-Do List

Time (Approx.)
Trench, cut, and glue PVC laterals. 1 hr 20 min
Connect lines to water source. 1 hr
Tread XBD-80 manifold onto PRS-050 then connect to PVC tee. 5 min / Assembly
Attach 1/4" distribution tubing to outlest on XBD-80 manifold. 3 min / XBD-80
Run 1/4" lines to sparse plantings, stake in place with a bug cap on end. 8 min / stake
Install the desired Drip Emitter inside XBD-80 manifold. 2 min


Installation and Maintenance Tips

Flush the zone after installation and once a year.
Install Drip Emitters in XBD-80 with self-piercing barb end up.
Leave 6" slack in 1/4" tubing in case of unexpected maintenance.


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