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Landscape Dripline Grid with XB Drip Emitters


  • Up to 60% water savings
  • No overspray damage to vehicles
  • Supplemental XB Drip Emitters are placed next to larger plants with higher water requirements
  • Landscape Dripline is easy to install for labor savings

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Part Number



Below Grade Irrigation Stake

XB xx

Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters (0.5 to 2.0 gph)


Poly Flex Riser / Adapter

LD 09 12

Landscape Dripline 0.9 gph @ 12" spacing


To-Do List

Time (Approx.)
Trench, cut and lay poly tubing laterals. Connect to BIGIE stakes. 1 hr
Assemble Control Zone Kit and connect to water source and laterals. 1 hr
Thread PFR / FRA into BIGIE stake threaded inlet. 3 min / BIGIE
Thread XB Emitter into Poly Flex Riser 2 min / PFR
Flush zones for 2 minutes. 2 min
Install Planting material and mulch.  


Installation and Maintenance Tips

Flush the zone after installation and once a year.
For larger trees, use higher flow PC Modules and Diffuser Caps to avoid wash out.
Adjust watering time as seasons / weather change.
Cut Poly Flex Risers slightly above grade (before installing the XB Emitters) for and 'invisible' installation.
Poly Flex Adapater (FRA) is made of Marlex so no Teflon tape is needed.


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